Emerging Entrepreneurs Interview Series with Habiba Kehinde, Founder of Digital Lucy Nigeria

Emerging Entrepreneurs Interview with Habiba Kenhinde - The Entrepreneurs Nook

I am so glad that I decided to embark on this interview series. The entrepreneurs that I have interviewed all bring a different perspective in a way that you and I can relate to. My fourth interview in this series is with Habiba Kehinde of Digital Lucy Nigeria.

I met Habiba sometime late last year on Periscope and we have built a good rapport since then. I've enjoyed watching Habiba’s broadcasts because of her engaging personality which I found to be very easy-going, yet packed with helpful information. 

Read and be inspired, then take action!


Can you please tell us about yourself, what your business is about and the products or services that you provide to your target market?

My name is Habiba Kehinde, I am an Online Marketing Strategist and founder of Digital Lucy Nigeria. I am a wife and mum of 3.

Digital Lucy helps entrepreneurs and small & medium scale enterprises to manage and grow their online presence. I offer online marketing strategy, social media consulting and management services.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur and what was your defining moment?

I decided to be an entrepreneur partly because I never found the ideal position that allowed me to express my creativity and skills. More importantly, in 2014, I made up my mind that I wanted to be present for my children while they are growing up.

What’s one unique thing about your business and what makes you stand out from others in your niche?

One unique thing about Digital Lucy is the value of professionalism and excellence in service delivery that I am building this business on. I aim to ensure that my clients’ expectations are met whilst ensuring that no ethical and industry standards are broken. 

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I quit my job in December 2014 with the intention of offering Digital Marketing Services; however, it did not take off fully until September 2015.

I began by speaking to people about what I did and attending networking events, where I could meet other entrepreneurs and business owners. For a few months I was attending events almost every week and in the process making contacts.

I realized that because the services I offered were Internet based, most of my prospects would be checking me out online. I then started working on my online presence and implemented a visibility strategy that included live streaming videos.

 What tools did you use to get started to help with productivity?

  • Erin Condren Lifeplanner: I use this to plan everything; my family schedule, meals, school events, hospital appointments, networking events.
  • Calendly for scheduling meetings with clients, rather than going back and forth, they can see when I am available and choose a time slot.
  • Trello for managing projects I am working on.

How do you balance being an entrepreneur, being a wife, mom and everything else in between?

I aim for a state of harmony because sometimes one area of my life may be demanding more of my time. For instance, I try to ensure most of my work is done while my boys are in school. Also during school holidays, I know my most productive work will be done during nap time or when they are in bed.

Another thing I try to put in place is my support systems, ensuring that they can take over while I attend to something else. 

Can you share your greatest accomplishment in your business so far and why you are proud of it?

I am proud of  the results my clients are starting to see as a result of our work together. My business has attained several significant milestones and this is just the beginning.

Can you share a challenge you faced during your journey, starting out as an entrepreneur and how you were able to overcome it?

A challenge I faced is the loneliness of the solo entrepreneur life. I am used to working in and being part of a team. The team brings a level of motivation and accountability that I miss. Another aspect is the knowledge sharing that you get from working as part of a team.

I am working to overcome this by clearly stating my plan for each day and developing the discipline to ensure I get the work done. I also am part of a Mastermind and this helps me to learn from the other ladies in the group, share my challenges and plans.

Tell us about a mistake you made starting out as an entrepreneur and the lesson you learned from it?

I did not properly define who my target client was and that affected my messaging. I was trying to talk to and attract everyone. I learnt the need to define my target market and develop my ideal client avatar. 

How have you been able to network and connect with other entrepreneurs, both new and established ones in the online space?

I join relevant communities, interact and develop a few one-on-one relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What’s the next step for your business?

Wow, next steps…

I am working on designing services that cater adequately to the needs of my target market to help them achieve their goals.

The future is so exciting, there are so many opportunities and I am eager to tap into them.

Please share parting words for emerging entrepreneurs out there or those that are still trying to decide whether to launch into entrepreneurship

One thing I have learnt is to start. There will always be an excuse or a reason to wait however it is important to take that first step. Embrace the fear because it is better to try and fail than to play it safe and have regrets. 

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