Emerging Entrepreneur Interview Series: Queenette Nwobodo, Founder of Love Amaka

Emerging Entrepreneur Interview Series: Queenette Nwobodo, Founder of Love Amaka

In this blog post, I channelled my inner Oprah! Conducting interviews and having my talk show has been a fantasy of mine and one that I’ve loosely thought about with regards to The Entrepreneur’s Nook. Do I create a Youtube channel? Or do I start my podcast? These are goals that have 2017 tags on them, but while that is still brewing, I will be interviewing emerging entrepreneurs who will share their stories with you in the hopes of inspiring you and giving you some insight about how they started, their struggles and achievements.

My first interview is with Queenette Nwobodo of Love Amaka. I first met Queenette on Periscope, and I've also had the opportunity to interact with her in other entrepreneurial circles. What I have enjoyed about getting to know Queenette is her drive. She is not afraid to take risks, and that to me is an important characteristic of being of an entrepreneur.

As a relationship coach, Queenette’s passion leaps out as she shares her knowledge about relationships during her regular Periscope broadcasts. Queenette is every girl’s girlfriend that wants you to succeed both in your relationship and as an entrepreneur. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about her entrepreneurial journey just as much as I enjoyed interviewing her.

Hi Queenette, Can you please tell us about yourself, what’s your business about and what services do you provide to your target market?

My name is Queenette, and I am a relationship coach. I help purpose-driven women attract and marry Mr. Right by expanding their views about themselves and their experiences with men. I do so through coaching, informational products, and speaking. 

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur and what was your defining moment?

I decided to become an entrepreneur two years ago. I feel like I always had the entrepreneurial spirit but finally decided that I would take action in May 2015. The deciding moment was working for a huge department of education and realizing I could deliver more to the students. I was not using half of my potential at the job, so that was the most defining moment. I felt like all my talents and skills weren't needed at work. I felt like I was wasting so much of what God gave me to share with the world.

What’s one unique thing about your business and what makes you stand out from other relationship coaches?

What makes me stand out is that I have been in a healthy relationship for twelve years. I have a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in counseling. I have been a counselor for almost a decade. My life experiences and my professional experiences combined makes for an excellent relationship coach. I've combined theory and practice to develop strategies and concepts that work in real life.  There is something to be said about experiencing what it is that your clients want to achieve. 

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I started by posting quotes and giving advice on three social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Gradually people started commenting and sometimes they’d send me a private message saying “ hey, I need help with this” or “what do you think about this ...” When I realized people were asking questions, I knew they felt what I was posting had some validity to it.  From there, I knew I had something. Unofficially I have been coaching for a very long time, ever since I was about 19 years old.

What tools did you use to get started to help with productivity?

The note-taking tool that I rely on heavily is Evernote and Google Docs.  I love Trello because it allows me to see how my tasks move from pending to completed.  My Google calendar keeps my family and me on the same page.  

How do you balance being an entrepreneur, being a wife, mom, holding a 9-5 job and everything else in between?

There is no such thing as balance. Balance is an illusion. Everything has a season, and right now I am in the middle of a launch, so I've been very busy.  Because my husband and I are on the same page, he understands that this is something I have to do in the short term, for long term benefits of the family, so we compromise and make adjustments.

On the flip side, in the summer time since I am off, my kids have my full attention and we spend every day together doing different activities.  I believe everything we do has a season and once I got rid of the idea that everything had to happen at the same time, I didn't feel guilty focusing on my projects as much. 

Please share your greatest accomplishment and why are you proud of it?

My greatest accomplishment so far is the creation of my "Date Like A Queen" course.  I'm so proud of this course because I poured all my experiences and knowledge about relationships into this course. It has been nothing short of a pleasure and a privilege to put this course together. My hope is this, every woman who takes this course will see that she deserves nothing short of the type of love that makes her smile from the inside out.

Can you share a challenge you faced during your journey, starting out as an entrepreneur and how you were able to overcome it?

I had the imposter syndrome. With all my degrees, my experience coaching, and my relationship experience, I still felt that I wasn't enough.  I thought “who am I to give anyone advice on relationships?”. I just felt that I had to be somebody else to give advice and what I had wasn't enough.  Perhaps the audience needed more than I could provide.  I overcame negative self-talk by taking action and just doing the work.  Whenever I've taken action, I’ve only seen positive results. I cannot overstate the how important it is to push through your fears and just do it afraid.

How have you been able to network and connect with other entrepreneurs, both new and established ones in the online space? You have quite a presence on Periscope and Instagram.

I've had to push outside my comfort zone and send an email to other entrepreneurs.  I've connected with individuals and organizations by volunteering my time to mentor their clients or speak at their events. I figure the best way to help them was to volunteer my services to their customers.  Because of my volunteer work I've been invited to different events and have secured clients from volunteering in various organizations.  I have put myself in a position to meet other entrepreneurs to collaborate and network.  Whenever I pushed outside my comfort zone, things work out more often than not. 

What’s the next step for your business?

The next step for my business at this point is setting up systems so that the company can run smoother and more efficiently.  Creating and setting up these systems will give me more time to work on content and not routine tasks.  I'm also in the process of writing my first book, which I'm excited about. My book is about empowering and encouraging women to love themselves first to attract Mr. Right. 

Do you intend to build a team to support you?

I will be hiring at least two people in June.  I want some tasks that don't require my knowledge to be taken care of by my assistant. I love working on content and the transformational message that I share with my clients and followers. 

Tell us about a mistake you made starting out as an entrepreneur and the lesson you learned from it?

One mistake I made was not saying "No." I feel bad when I have to say "No" to people or decline events. I've learned that I have to say "no" to be successful in business.  I'm getting much better at it.  Micheal Hyatt expressed in an interview when you say "yes" to something you indirectly say "no" to something else you should be doing.  

Please share parting words for emerging entrepreneurs out there or those who are still trying to decide whether to launch into entrepreneurship.

I would tell an emerging entrepreneur that the only security you have is yourself.  You have to bet on yourself! You are worth the bet, even at your worst, you are still the better bet. If you think that you are not good enough, your worst is still a better bet than not doing it at all.

The last part of that is that you have to pursue it as if you are on auto pilot. Pursue it without trying to understand everything that you are experiencing; it will all make sense when it's time.  It's like riding a bike, the more you move, the better you get at it.

You can connect with Queenette on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter