3 reasons why you are stalling on launching your business

This blog post is part of a series that I am rolling out in response to questions and comments I received during my free email coaching sessions last month. I’m  proud of the fact that we, as entrepreneurs, can learn together.


You are creative and talented and want to monetize your skills BUT you are held back primarily due to your MINDSET which is key and very fundamental for being a successful entrepreneur. Your mindset will either motivate you or discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

The feeling of being inadequate and not having what it takes to run a business creeps in and slowly takes over. I understand and I know that it is a tough place to be, but you need to make a decision. Decide what you’ll believe and that will dictate your success as an entrepreneur or lack thereof.

I urge you to take the path of a positive mindset. 

The quote below sums it all up

The man who says he can, and the man who says he can not...are both correct
— confuscious

#1 - FEAR

This is HUGE and many great entrepreneurs have gone through it as well but gladly they were able to overcome their fears and “just do it”. You might have heard that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and that’s pretty much what it is. A healthy dose of fear is good because it shows that you have big dreams and goals to crush however, allowing fear to stifle your dreams is dangerous.


Clarify & Connect With Your Purpose:

It’s super important that you know what your purpose for launching your business is. What is your reason for your business? What is your WHY - why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Take some time to write down your purpose for starting a business and connect with it.

Adopt A Mantra Or A Theme:

This is an effective way to keep your eyes focused on the “prize”. Choose a word that encompasses what you desire your business, your goals and run with it.

Positive Affirmation:

There is power in speaking positively, daily affirmations are helpful in helping you to intentionally speak positive words into your life and your business. You don’t need to have a long drawn out affirmation. Create one that is quick and easy for you to recite that goes straight to the point.

Visualize Your Success:

What does success look like to you? What would you need to do in order to attain that level of success? Let your vision and a “can do” attitude be your driving force.

Stop stalling or making excuses. Don’t stand in your own way - Do it afraid!

 #2 - MONEY

The second reason I hear is the money factor. Yes, you need money to make money but how much of it do you really need? Start with what you have and where you are - start small but dream BIG.

Where you don't have spare cash readily available to invest in your business, you'll have to spend time learning and DIY-ing a lot of things in order to avoid doling out cash.

Learn as much as you can by taking advantage of free courses, workshops and tutorials and also leverage the power of barter where possible. Look for opportunities to barter, connect with other entrepreneurs and leverage your expertise. Test things out as often as you can and make adjustments as you go along.

As an entrepreneur, one important item that you need is a website - your very own piece of real estate in the online space. A place where you can be found and discovered. Since money is tight, start by using a couple of social media platforms. A Facebook page is a good start and at the very least a blog where you can connect with your target audience and begin to show your expertise.

When launching a business, if you are not spending money to get things done, then you are spending time ...a whole lot of time.

There is no way around it, don’t be discouraged, let your passion and your drive, fuel you and motivate you to keep going.


In order to grow and expand your business, you’ll need some cash to be able to get the right tools, apps and perhaps a few e-courses to get you in the full swing of things.

Here are ways that you can begin to leverage your expertise in order to get some income coming in:

Digital Products:

Package your expertise into a digital product that you can sell online. Put together a quick guide or a step-by-step plan that you know your target audience will need. Ensure that it is valuable and also affordable. A low dollar digital product can sell very quickly.

Sponsored Posts:

This is great if you have a blog and you’ve started to build a following. Reach out to brands that align with your business and your values and pitch a sponsored post to them. Let them know what they stand to gain from doing business with you. Also keep in mind how relevant the product will be to your audience

Consulting Services:

It’s not too early to start offering your services for a fee. Create one or two offerings that will solve your target audience’s pain point and get to work. Promote your offering in every way possible and be clear on what your service entails.

Have a plan for onboarding and offboarding clients.

Speaking Engagements:

Look for speaking opportunities where you can demonstrate your expertise and also get paid. This could be at a live event or a virtual event. It’s important that such opportunities align with your brand and expertise.

Create a video reel of yourself speaking that has been edited and looks professional so that it’s available for you to send to prospective clients when pitching your services to them.

Hosting Live Events:

This is a great way to get some cash if public speaking comes to you naturally. Live events are a good way to boost your visibility and also put you in front of your target audience.

#3 - TIME

I often hear “I don’t have time to run a business, I would love to but I just don’t have the time” I understand that your time is very valuable and it is important to spend your time wisely. You have competing priorities for your time, however when it comes to launching or growing your business you’ll need to put in some time in order to do the work. The key is being productive and not just being busy. Being efficient with your time will give you the motivation to keep going.

Schedule your priorities which includes family, work and other areas of your life so that you are able to manage all aspects of your life efficiently. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the things you love to do because you are launching or growing your business. It’s about how you manage your competing priorities.

Being productive produces real results, being busy doesn’t.


Create A Schedule:

A schedule is a step in the right direction, it lets you know exactly what you should be doing and when you should be doing it. It is helpful to have “themes” for each time slot that makes up your schedule. You can select a specific day for content creation, another day for batching social media and another day for marketing or promoting your products or services.

Batch Your Content:

A content calendar is a good tool to help you plan and batch the content that you share with your target audience. It helps you to be strategic with what you share and when you share it. Also, it keeps you focused on developing content ahead of time so you are not scrambling for content week after week.

Use A Time Management Tool/App:

There are several tools to help with ensuring that you make good use of your time. A time management app/tool is the Pomodoro app. It helps you manage your time by providing a time tracker.

You see, there is no reason why you should keep stalling on launching you business. If you need help with getting started, you can take advantage of my free 20-minute clarity call  let’s discuss each of these points in more detail or other reasons why you have not launched your business and let me help you get started.