12 ways to create online buzz before launching your business

12 ways to create online buzz before launching your business

Have you been thinking of what to do while waiting for your website to be ready? Are you eager to launch your business but all your ducks are not quite in a row?  You’re in the gap where your processes and systems are not all setup but you are eager to build momentum even before your website and absolutely everything is ready?  

The truth is that you can’t predict and plan for everything BUT there are ways you can create online buzz and start building your tribe before the curtains go up and you make your grand debut.

I'll show you how you can create online buzz around your brand and your business so that when you launch, you are able to hit the ground running at turbo speed. This way, you set the tone even before the D-day and you establish yourself as an expert, an authority in your niche.

You may choose to use one or all of these strategies, however I suggest you tackle 1-2 strategies at a time so that you do them really well before moving on to the next.

Warning: The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to maintain the pre-launch buzz so I wouldn’t suggest you launch no later than 90 days at a maximum, the sweet spot will be somewhere greater than 30 days but less than 90 days - so somewhere around 50 - 60 days but it’s totally your call.

Before you start to create that online buzz let’s be clear on a few things:


Who is your ideal and who are you in business to serve? Be really specific about who you want to attract. Know your ideal client’s likes and dislikes. Research where your client hangs out, what he or she reads and most importantly what his or her pain point is.


This way you can create a niche for yourself. Sometimes we get scared about niching down because we don't want to lose potential clients but the truth is the more specific you get, the easier it is for you to reach your target audience and for them to find you.


What is the solution or benefit you are providing your ideal client and why should they choose you? Your value proposition lets your ideal client know who you are, what you do and they benefit they stand to gain from doing business with you.

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Now you are ready to begin the work, so here are 12 superb ways to create online buzz before launching your business


Start building your community, your tribe. Select up to three social media platforms that you enjoy and create a name that ties with your business name so that it is easily recognizable and you start to build brand power.

You would need to publish quality and valuable content that will connects with your target audience. You want to introduce them to you (as the expert), your brand and your business - the solution you provide for their pain points.

An important factor in building your tribe via social media is showing up consistently and delivering valuable content.


  • Come up with your unique hashtag  
  • Name your tribe
  • Start using your hashtag as often as you can


Your email list is currency! It’s been said that every subscriber you have on your list is worth approximately $2 a month and an average of 3% of your email subscribers will convert into sales. Now when you do the math, you’d figure out very quickly that the more subscribers on your list, the better for your business.

Growing an email list helps you to keep in touch with your tribe and potential customers. It's also a way for you to communicate with them to keep them informed of your products, services and offerings.

Your email subscribers have given you permission to pop into their inbox so use the opportunity wisely. Nurture your subscribers because they are your VIPs.

There are several email services providers both free and paid such as Mailchimp, Convertkit, Aweber, Get Response, Active campaign to name a few.

The cool thing about your email list is that you own it unlike social media which you have no control over


  • Create a lead magnet (a free gift) which is irresistible and packed with valuable content
  • Sign up with an Email Service Provider (ESP)
  • Link your ESP to your social media by using a short link such as bit.ly
  • Start collecting email addresses


This is a great way to get in front of an audience that you ordinarily would not have access to. This gives your brand more exposure and an avenue for you to share your expertise with an audience in a niche that is similar to your target audience or a niche that compliments yours.

Highlight the benefits of guest blogging and what your host blogger and their audience stands to benefit from your blog post. 


  • Prepare an outline for 2-4 possible blog topics
  • Write a list of blogs that you would want to be a guest blogger on
  • Create an email template requesting to be a guest blogger
  • Update email template and reach out to your top 5 bloggers
  • Promote the blog post several times


Quite similar to guest blogging, however this is an interview format with questions and answers. This is great publicity and exposure for your brand. Here you are soliciting to interview an influencer for current and future use.

Be sure that the featured interviewee is  a blogger with a similar audience as your target audience or a blogger who is in a niche that compliments your niche.


  • Write a list of entrepreneurs that you want to interview 
  • Create a compelling email template requesting to conduct an interview
  • Update template and reach out to your top 5 bloggers via email
  • Prepare the interview questions in advance
  • Post interview or highlights on your blog (if applicable) or social media several times


Collaboration shows team spirit and ability to work well as a team. When it is done the right way, collaboration is mutually beneficial. It's a good idea to collaborate with another entrepreneur/blogger who complements your business. It’s also possible to collaborate with someone in the same industry as you, it's all about synergies and also the goal of the collaboration.

It is important that you provide value to the audience that you would be reaching out to through the collaboration


  • Brainstorm on collaboration ideas and develop your top 3 ideas
  • Write a list of bloggers/entrepreneurs that you want to collaborate with
  • Create a compelling email template requesting to collaborate and provide a brief summary of the proposed collaboration(s)
  • Update email and reach out to your top 3 bloggers via email
  • Prepare and promote collaborations


Live streaming is big business these day. So many social media platforms offer a live streaming services so take advantage of it. Choose a live streaming platform and start showing up regularly with valuable content.

Give your audience a preview of your business products and services.


  • Select your live streaming platform of choice
  • Create content that you will be sharing via live streaming
  • Schedule your broadcasts and promote it
  • Show up and provide valuable content in bite sizes


Your ability to show up and teach what you know is a great way to show off your expertise in order to build your credibility. A webinar, workshop or masterclass will allow you to grow your list through attendees signing up with their email addresses.

Prepare a webinar on one specific topic that will teach your target audience  what to do to solve their pain points.

Preview your services which highlights how to solve their pain points.


  • Create content for your webinar/workshop/masterclass
  • Select a platform of choice
  • Promote for at least two weeks
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Show up and deliver
  • Send your attendees a replay of the webinar if applicable


A pre-launch party is a great way to engage your followers and get them excited about the actual launching of your business. Your pre-launch party should be done via live streaming where you plan activities to educate your "guests" about your business and go into details about products and services and also provide some "behind the scenes" pictures or videos.  

Make your pre-launch party lots of fun, a good way is to get your attendees involved in an activity that will lead to winning a prize (your product or service).


  • Plan pre-launch party promotion, activities and prizes
  • Promote for at least two weeks
  • Show up and deliver


A Facebook page is good for building your tribe/following via people you know on Facebook and gives you the opportunity to tell your audience about what you have in the works and what they can expect from you.


  • Sign up for a Facebook Page
  • Update page with pictures, complete your profile
  • Link your page to other social media platforms
  • Update your page regularly with valuable content
  • Use your page as a promotion tool and an avenue to connect with your target audience


Infographics are great for packing detailed information on one page. You can also use infographics to promote the other strategies listed above. 

Infographics should be clean and attention-grabbing


Share your story, take your audience behind the scenes to show them how you're gearing up to launch your business. You can take them through a typical day - what you do, who you meet with etc. It could be as simple as walking them through your to-do list and sharing photos of you getting your tasks done. A short video will be even more effective.

 This is a good way to show your authenticity. 



A launch campaign will incorporate at least three of the strategies provided above. It is a continuous and systematic approach to launching your business. It requires more time and planning in order to create a launch campaign. The momentum does not stop, you move from one strategy to the next ensuring that it ties together in creating awareness of your scheduled launch date through various platforms.

So here are 12 ways to create online buzz before launching your business. I am very interested in reading your comments about which of these you would use to launch your business. Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to respond.


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