Nothing beats having a clear idea of what to do and how to go about it.  In your world, between your 9-5 job, your family and growing your business, every second counts! Your time is precious so you need to choose to spend it wisely.

  • Do you have a business idea that keeps you up at night?
  • Are you ready to launch your new business venture or expand your emerging business? 
  • Do you have tons of ideas of what you want to do but you are trying to figure out how to go get started?
  • Do you just need to know what steps to take first, second, third and so on?
  • Do you just want to talk about strategy?

I totally understand because I have been there and like you I found it overwhelming. That’s why I am going to keep things very simple and free of complexity. I CAN help you and I want to help you organize your thoughts in a way that gets you to make the strategic moves to get your business on the path to profitability and success.

During this super-focused session we will start with getting your mindset focused on your goals and the success that awaits you! Then we will delve into why this is important to you before rolling up our sleeves and getting down to business. 

Whether it is a strategy you need or help with figuring out your systems and processes or just picking my brain. This session is for you!
You will leave this session with clarity and focus and you’ll have actionable steps that you can take in bite-size pieces.

After the initial session I will be available to support you with email correspondence for two days before our follow-up session.
What are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen together! 

What you'll get with the Super Focused Session

This is a 90-minute consultation package consists of:

  •  A 60-minute super-focused hour to provide you with clarity in one area for your business
  • A 30-minute follow-up session to touch base with you to make sure that you are progressing towards your goals

You will receive:

  • Video chat via Skype or Google Hangout
  • An action plan with strategies developed along with my three step recommendation guide
  • Complimentary email correspondence within 5 days of the initial session

Your Investment: $127.00 (Funds are in USD)

How to get Started

Step 1

Click on Super Focused Session


Pick out a time that works for you and schedule to the calendar. Click continue and enter your information. 

Step 3

Make payment and wait for the payment confirmation message. Add appointment to your calendar. I'll also send a reminder to keep us on track.

Interested in the Super Focused Session, but still have questions? Take advantage of my free 20 minute consultation. Click on the button below to get started.

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